The space between the gaps

The longer as I sit here, the longer I urged wild. The bigger my hopes, the fears killing my insides.   Play romantic, but bite my lobe. Be careful, but tease my wounds. Whatever you want me to be, I am lurking ready on the ground.   Use every part you can reach, drag me... Continue Reading →


Empress is vital

In the glasses I look through, there appears to be a fraction of an endless being unnoticed and yet all I ever wanted.   Don't be silent my heart, speak. If she is my holy grail, I am her knightess. She does make me feel weak, but also worth it all speechless.   Striding trough... Continue Reading →

Leave behind

There is no desecration, no destruction when you step out before the next stop. There is no poison, no real defection if you let go of what doesn't let you go.   As we are sitting in the past of our lifes, seeing pictures on the wall rot to pieces. The ill-being perfection might survive... Continue Reading →


Anything in the world has a taste but most is only bitter than. I try to reach with my tongue what I can't feel inside of me.   There are all these blurred lines sketched in my retrospective mind. All the figures of trying and failing, while i have eaten myself falling.   You are... Continue Reading →

Vanished shores

Intermotional boarders on line keeping track to what's happened. The ink stays grey on the paper, fine. But I would like to see the end. I stand on the edge of a new horizon, living through every memory of my being. Forgetting to breath when I am alone, but there will be always a need... Continue Reading →

Holy Empire

Smitten by the urge to poise, to rebel to kiss the rotten flag of my hearts – ignore the rules you were compelled to, at ease for the quotes to dart right in I may be here and if not I am elsewhere in mind a lot to seek a truth never found not heard,... Continue Reading →

Schlafes Schwester

Dein bleich Gesicht vor meinen Augen. Deine zarte Hand dann an meinem. Wenn ich dich sehn könnt, würd ich dich lieben. Doch dies Antlitz zeigst du keinem. Kalt sind deine Hände doch, legen sich sanft auf meine Glieder und ich fühle unverhofft, wie diese Berührungen mich schaudern lassen. Deine Güte und deine Gnade ists, die... Continue Reading →

Translated: Sleep’s Sister

Your pale face in front of my eyes. Your tender hand than on mine. If I could see you, I would love you. But you don’t show this countenance to anyone. Cold are your hands yet, placed gentle on my limbs and I feel unhoped-for how these touches let me shiver. Your benevolence and your... Continue Reading →

Starry Heart

If I move my eyes inwards, what will I see? Stumbling over the maze, how will I care? The sum may be reward, but should I feel? Drifting along the guilty haze, shall I even bear? Feeling free to deny your cause, especially now. Getting lost in harmony as fuel, I may not know. Slipping... Continue Reading →

To the grave

It’s like an old story I never told, a thing I forgot as I grow too old. A mere with a death wish inside and just seconds apart from it. If I leave into the night than, what do I have to become to stay alive in the dreams when my memories came back to... Continue Reading →

As little as it counts

Leaving  down the river to die, follow into the winter to cry. Symbols floating in the sky, may I live for what I try, all night. Shouldn’t I know where the way is going? Shouldn’t I speak where my heart is hurting? Mute is the silence in the echos of my soul, neverminding if I... Continue Reading →

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