Holy Empire

  • Smitten by the urge to poise, to rebel
  • to kiss the rotten flag of my hearts –
  • ignore the rules you were compelled to,
  • at ease for the quotes to dart right in
  • I may be here and if not
  • I am elsewhere in mind a lot
  • to seek a truth never found not heard,
  • a tell-tale I am not here to discard.
  • Climbing the moutain of desires than
  • and I forgot to rest and visit my home,
  • just to recognize how poor I really am.
  • Suits my thoughs in this hellish dome.
  • Fits me well how I trumble to the ground,
  • but hurting everyone except myself now.
  • The time is fleeing as I turn dry and bound,
  • hidden in the afterbirth for what is allowed.
  • Don’t care for me or my holy empire.
  • Don’t care for the wrong choices I may have made.
  • I will build a temple for my only desire
  • that is to seek peace and never ever let me fade.
  • In a crowded place, this sunken regime
  • has come into gloomy light of devotions unfulfilled.
  • Speak up to the empty space no one needs,
  • but nontheless everyone is jealous of till the end.
  • I will build on a fortune of misguidance,
  • seeking treasures in the deepest love I found.
  • Pretty awkward silence and more to sell,
  • I build it up on my own bones, that’s well.
  • To live of flesh and bone, crippled in dreams –
  • you don’t need to find a new future to hurt,
  • but to break yours to build one anew it seems.
  • Desperate souls tend to love where is no hope.
  • I don’t care for myself, but for my holy empire.
  • The endless stairs of my up and down till I reach
  • the point of no return inside me I truly aspire
  • and going down on my knees forever in peace.

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