Starry Heart

  • If I move my eyes inwards, what will I see?
  • Stumbling over the maze, how will I care?
  • The sum may be reward, but should I feel?
  • Drifting along the guilty haze, shall I even bear?
  • Feeling free to deny your cause, especially now.
  • Getting lost in harmony as fuel, I may not know.
  • Slipping through a minor gaze, that you respect
  • and thus lose amount of control, which no other effect.
  • Carry on my wayward instructions, which bitter bliss.
  • Well done and proper injection of a wisdom’s kiss.
  • May I seek what is behind that curtain of all dreams,
  • I had seen in my mind, but with uncertainity it seems.
  • A clock, running against, racing for the jokes of purists.
  • A starry heart, in a wild pacing, longing for surprises.
  • The catch is rather old, mere a lie, to tell a child inside
  • the plain plains cold under the sky, lying in your winter.
  • Put an omega to the end, help me clear the rain’s way
  • in wich I must travel. Send me to the next letter’s prey
  • in which I finde a friend and so comfort in streets of mayhem.
  • I will find you my piece, worth an adventure for a day.
  • till a night unraveled and keeping a fire beside me as I say.
  • Truth is like a smeared cadance, calling to a duty, never comes.

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