Translated: Sleep’s Sister

  • Your pale face in front of my eyes.
  • Your tender hand than on mine.
  • If I could see you, I would love you.
  • But you don’t show this countenance to anyone.
  • Cold are your hands yet,
  • placed gentle on my limbs
  • and I feel unhoped-for
  • how these touches let me shiver.
  • Your benevolence and your grace it is
  • that keep me in embracement.
  • My heart just beats only for you,
  • mute and grey stays the rest of the world.
  • Wind whispers your tender voice,
  • when you come to take me.
  • And if I win your lovely incentive,
  • I am pleasured to give in to you.
  • Everyone hopes, your love games would been gambled.
  • That to taste you would be like an elixir.
  • Thereby it is nothing wrong to fall asleep after that
  • as we embrace your kiss, laying beside you.
  • The senses know no word for that
  • and no kiss steals your breath more than this.
  • Only one time is this night, without guarantee
  • and yet it holds for an eternity.
  • Not everyone has this luck,
  • because she doesn’t devote herself to anyone.
  • To dispense with every warmth outside the bed,
  • she pockets the desire in her hunt.
  • But every victim recieve her kisses,
  • so that she is able to steal every heart.
  • The cry for true love is not her search
  • and yet she thinks to find it in everyone

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