Vanished shores

  • Intermotional boarders on line
  • keeping track to what’s happened.
  • The ink stays grey on the paper, fine.
  • But I would like to see the end.
  • I stand on the edge of a new horizon,
  • living through every memory of my being.
  • Forgetting to breath when I am alone,
  • but there will be always a need to flee.
  • What’s rusted lays in the sun fumbled
  • and I keep to wish for the impossible.
  • But with the cracks in the shore I stumble
  • and truth I knew underneath my skin crumbles.
  • As the ocean washes my teint off sins,
  • I feel like I am drowning into revelations.
  • A better end to a worse a fate, I swallow it all
  • and I am drown to the ground of my suspicions.
  • And the bratty whale emerges from the deep,
  • too long hidden in the tides of a shallow sea.
  • I don’t belong to the earth if I need to succumb
  • in to the spice of dirt and blame the land sums up.
  • Diving into the emotioment I am born into
  • and feeling the distance to where I came from.
  • But I am free-bound now, vanished in a new age
  • where I never forget the shores I started on.
  • Pale might be the view and stormy it’s heaven,
  • if you stand on the cliff of decisions to make.
  • But who cares to jump or risk is only your behave
  • and if the need is there, than is the time to break
  • and vanish yourself into the waters of the dream.

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