• Anything in the world has a taste
  • but most is only bitter than.
  • I try to reach with my tongue
  • what I can’t feel inside of me.


  • There are all these blurred lines
  • sketched in my retrospective mind.
  • All the figures of trying and failing,
  • while i have eaten myself falling.


  • You are the closest that ever was to be
  • near to me, feeding my senses free.
  • Hear I am shattered from this need
  • to devour you and make me see.


  • But I am the one starving from ideas
  • I can’t hold, neither seem to identify.
  • Here you are my most important chance
  • of giving up the giving in into the end.


  • But here you are spending the time
  • to help me not stepping on shattered memories,
  • but rather to pull them to the other trash
  • that is not worth our future to begin with.


  • As if I can taste the bitter, but there is more,
  • different from what the world has to offer.
  • Am not here to digest only what caught my presence
  • and finding its way to the darkness of my essence.


  • Swallow me whole if it helps me been reborn,
  • to find myself freed from what I cannot be.
  • I wish to never taste again what is forlorn
  • and reach for the smells hidden for me.


  • Don’t hold me, don’t try to sew my hole.
  • Steal my breath and devour me whole.



  • [Dedicated to my love.]

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