Leave behind

  • There is no desecration, no destruction
  • when you step out before the next stop.
  • There is no poison, no real defection
  • if you let go of what doesn’t let you go.


  • As we are sitting in the past of our lifes,
  • seeing pictures on the wall rot to pieces.
  • The ill-being perfection might survive
  • and you will as well lose hold on piece.


  • But left behind is the moral of the fearless,
  • of the person without a fail and mistake.
  • Misfortune is our self, but also no less
  • and what bring into the middle of our dreams
  • is much more than it rightly seams.


  • A prayer to pay the unique notion to die,
  • unless you understand it is not a game to lose.
  • Hold upright what is precious most,
  • feel the flames incarnated in your soul, no lie.
  • No preaching, no solution, just a gaze forward.


  • We may struggle, we may fall, whatever doom is.
  • Still we love and feel, trying to fix the uncomplete.
  • But we are us, every bit and there is no reperation.
  • Our own heart is already and foremost the salvation.
  • Leave behind blame on you, or blame on you
  • what is about you?

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