Empress is vital

  • In the glasses I look through,
  • there appears to be a fraction
  • of an endless being unnoticed
  • and yet all I ever wanted.


  • Don’t be silent my heart, speak.
  • If she is my holy grail, I am her knightess.
  • She does make me feel weak,
  • but also worth it all speechless.


  • Striding trough an open world
  • and searching for your feet.
  • Spilling out lots of nonsense words,
  • but willing to endure and see
  • what you hold from me.


  • Empress, my dear and lonily,
  • don’t be when I am right here.
  • I am no noble it may appeare
  • and yet I won’t go till you feel.


  • One kind and you are too,
  • my longing for an way out
  • can be seen as I travelled to you.
  • Admired and your face proud.


  • I will endure for your hearts grasp
  • and wicked ways not lead me astray.
  • I didn’t forget your sign as begged to stay
  • and yet me fool was driven away.


  • As far I seem far, still yet close.
  • Don’t bend your soul to a pose.
  • I ever return and my lips on yours
  • so as its truly our ships course.


For my love


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