Anything in the world has a taste but most is only bitter than. I try to reach with my tongue what I can't feel inside of me.   There are all the blurred line sketched in my retrospective mind. All the figures of trying and failing, while i have eaten myself falling.   You are... Continue Reading →

Vanished shores

Intermotional boarders on line keeping track to what's happened. The ink stays grey on the paper, fine. But I would like to see the end. I stand on the edge of a new horizon, living through every memory of my being. Forgetting to breath when I am alone, but there will be always a need... Continue Reading →

Holy Empire

Smitten by the urge to poise, to rebel to kiss the rotten flag of my hearts – ignore the rules you were compelled to, at ease for the quotes to dart right in I may be here and if not I am elsewhere in mind a lot to seek a truth never found not heard,... Continue Reading →

Translated: Sleep’s Sister

Your pale face in front of my eyes. Your tender hand than on mine. If I could see you, I would love you. But you don’t show this countenance to anyone. Cold are your hands yet, placed gentle on my limbs and I feel unhoped-for how these touches let me shiver. Your benevolence and your... Continue Reading →

Starry Heart

If I move my eyes inwards, what will I see? Stumbling over the maze, how will I care? The sum may be reward, but should I feel? Drifting along the guilty haze, shall I even bear? Feeling free to deny your cause, especially now. Getting lost in harmony as fuel, I may not know. Slipping... Continue Reading →

To the grave

It’s like an old story I never told, a thing I forgot as I grow too old. A mere with a death wish inside and just seconds apart from it. If I leave into the night than, what do I have to become to stay alive in the dreams when my memories came back to... Continue Reading →

As little as it counts

Leaving  down the river to die, follow into the winter to cry. Symbols floating in the sky, may I live for what I try, all night. Shouldn’t I know where the way is going? Shouldn’t I speak where my heart is hurting? Mute is the silence in the echos of my soul, neverminding if I... Continue Reading →

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